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Eco-School at Lycée Jean Renoir Munich - first year awarded by an official certification

The project "Eco-School" at Lycée Jean Renoir (French school in Munich) started in April 2018 aims to educate its 1500+ pupils to Sustainability though concrete actions. After choosing 2 thematics (Waste and Food), pupils, with the help of their teachers and parents, identified what could be improved in their school and started an action plan. A lot has been done at different levels during this year, like for example:

- Reorganising the sorting bins to improve the recycling paper, plastic and bottles with

deposit (predominant in Germany).

- A clean-up day to increase awareness on the impact of littering

- Creation of a short video to explain what is a balanced diet

- Reducing food waste at the canteen by adapting meal size to the appetite of the pupils

- Implementing a team of eco-pupils, project ambassadors in each class

- Conference of Yannick Roudaut to inspire us towards a “happy sobriety”

- Communication through social media and digital (Instagram, Facebook, youtube).

All this efforts have been officially awarded by the Bavarian Ministery of Environment who attributed a certification with 2 stars (out of 3) to the Lycée Jean Renoir. We are very proud of the recognition of what has been achieved so far.

The project is still going on this year, with the objectives to anchor the actions started to reduce the waste, improve recycling and eat more healthy. After being involved as project initiator and coordinator at the secondary and high school, I am very pleased to pass over the lead of the project to an exceptional team of teachers. I will continue of course supporting the project as an active member of the Steering Committee. En route for the 3 star-certification!

Ophelie Gourdou

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