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A changing world

My key take-aways from this 2 days of Conference on Smart Packaging, with my “sustainability” glasses:

- Reducing Food Waste is one of the target that Smart/Active Packaging wants to achieve: 1/3 of the food is wasted worldwide across the whole supply chain, and 7-10% of this waste happens at the retailers.

- The solutions are multiple:

  • Smart packaging with RFID, NFC tags and sensors can help to assess the freshness of the sensitive products and optimise their logistic to minimise spoilage

  • Active packaging solutions can help to increase shelf life by absorbing ethylene (It’s Fresh), inhibiting microbial growth (Stixfresh, Parx plastic), or by indicating the real freshness of the product (Mimica, Insignia Technologies)

I was very pleased to observe that Sustainability was a topic mentioned in almost all presentations, and I was (happily) surprised to hear the audience asked the question: “Is it recyclable?” more than “how much does it cost?”

The world is changing…! :-D

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