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Highlights from Fachpack 2019

Just back from 2 intensive days at Fachpack in Nuremberg. Very exciting as the topic of the packaging fair was this year : Sustainability!

Compared to last year, where some boots had one shelf presenting their few “green” options, I could see a noticeable change in favour of sustainable options. Most of the exhibitors had relevant sustainable alternatives and addressed the topic in a more systematic and holistic way, using the “RE” rule: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

Many innovations based on paper intend to replace plastic packaging, providing options using renewable resources and with biodegradability or recycling features, without making compromises on quality and convenience. My “coup de coeur” was a very elegant moulded carton blister for chocolate pralines, with fat and water resistance features. Where plastic needs to be used, there is a real effort to make it recyclable. Many exhibitors had some interesting high barrier plastic packaging designed to be recyclable, as an alternative to unrecyclable composites films.

I could notice as well the trend to build partnership to address the packaging waste pollution with the entire supply chain i.e. CEFLEX, New Plastic Economy or Holy grail. The latest got a lot of attention, being the “double” winner of the Sustainability Award in its category, and across category. This watermark tagging technology is a key enabler of a more accurate sorting of plastic waste and a better quality recycling.

The Packaging Europe Forum featured very high level speakers, showing ambitious projects like Loop, a breakthrough business model leading the way on reusable packaging, or CEFLEX, the consortium of companies collaborating to boost the recycling of flexible packaging.

There is a consensus that there is not one Sustainable packaging solution but a multitude of options which can be used to replace the monopolistic single-use plastic designed to be a polluting waste.

If your company needs to find the best option for your business, reach us !

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