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Sustainable Packaging Course

Dernière mise à jour : 13 août 2019

I was very pleased to give a course to the 6th Semester students of the Hochschule Weihensteffan-Triesdorf yesterday on Sustainable Food Packaging. This course presented the environmental impacts of the different packaging materials, and the strategies for sustainable packaging: the "Re" rules and the circular economy approach. I enjoyed very much the interaction and participation! A big thanks to Özlem Özmutlu, Dr. who gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge to those young and talented students. Looking forward to further cooperation! hashtag#sustainablepackaging hashtag#foodindustry hashtag#foodtechnology hashtag#horticulture hashtag#course hashtag#students hashtag#circulareconomy hashtag#recycle hashtag#reuse hashtag#reduceplasticwaste hashtag#ecodesign

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